Where Is Nichol Kessinger Now – Is She Still In Contact With Watts

A loving father of two and finalizing divorce – In the eyes and mind of Nichol Kessinger, that is what her boyfriend, Chris Watts, was. However, what she thought was way off from the truth as Watts was neither a loving father nor finalizing divorce as in August 2018 in Colorado, Watts coldheartedly murdered his 15-weeks pregnant wife and two young daughters. Kessinger was as shaken as everybody else when she learned that Watts is liar and a compassionless murderer.

Kessinger, the mistress of Watts, voluntary contacted investigators when she became suspicious of Watt’s reaction and responses to the disappearance of his family. She cooperated with investigators, surrendered her phone for going-over, cooperated in extensive interviews and shared all information that she knew regarding Watts and his current state. What Kessinger disclosed to investigators led to the arrest of Watts for the murder of his family. Failing a lie detector test, Watts later admitted to the horrific crimes.

Where is Nichol Kessinger Now?

While the information that Kessinger disclosed greatly aided in the investigation and eventual arrest of Watts, she didn’t bear witness in court at the trial of Watts. After her interview in 2018 with The Denver Post, nothing was heard from Kessinger.  Where is Nichol Kessinger now?

According to sources, Kissinger is in witness protection as she received numerous threats, insults, public shaming, and could be labeled as among the “most hated women” in the United States because of her involvement and affair with Watts. Being in witness protection would mean that she took on a different name and identity and relocated somewhere else to begin anew.

Today, it is unknown where exactly Kessinger is. Although there isn’t any actual proof, many claim that she is now in a relationship with a geologist, Jim Gutoski, who they say she already met even before her affair with Watts. Furthermore, even though Kessinger already ended here relationship with Watts in 2018, there is a possibility that she has remained in communication with him.

According to Cherlyn Cadle, an author who engaged in a correspondence with Watts while incarcerated which she recorded in a book entitled Letters from Christopher, Watts revealed in his letters to her that since his imprisonment, he has been sent several postcards and letters signed by different names. He believes that they are from Kessinger who he still refers to as his “soulmate.”