A Quick Look at Some of the Top Online Learning Platforms with Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketers are now focusing their searches on affiliate marketing programs in the education niche, as the market for online learning has expanded. Whereas before, many did not dare delve into this niche, since educators have a better edge in writing content that discusses the merits of educational products and services. That was the time when most affiliate marketing programs handled mostly products and services for homeschooling students.

Today, aside from the SEO and link building efforts,  there are now affiliate marketing schemes for online learning programs that offer solutions to university students looking to safely complete their college education; or to job-seekers with career changes in mind.

Global market reports indicate that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth in the worldwide e-learning market is expected to increase in value by as much as $458 billion within five years. That being the case, affiliate marketers have more choices available under the education niche, as they do not need to be experts in specific subjects when promoting e-learning websites.

Below are some examples of e-learning sites that offer affiliate programs to those who can at least direct traffic to their site, The more beneficial outcome, of course, is when the people they refer actually enroll using their affiliate referral links.

However, although the amount earned depends on the marketing deals offered, you should also make a careful review of the site you are promoting. According to prominent affiliate marketing guru, Jeff Lerner, one way to earn your readers’ trust is to put their interest first and above all related matters.

While you may consider programs that offer the highest rates of commissions, promoting online education programs with which  reviews are very positive will make it easier for you to convince your readers about the right courses and training programs to take,

Examples of eLearning Programs that Offer Affiliate Marketing Deals

UDEMY is by far the most popular eLearning website as it offers as many as 155,000 courses created and managed by independent instructors. Yet due to the broad range of courses available, you have to focus on a particular course that would best fit your audience. Udemy’s affiliate marketing deals include a Marketplace Insight tool for gauging the most popular independently-managed courses you can recommend to your readers.

KAPLAN is already an institution in online education being among the firsts to offer tutoring services to students when it was founded as an education program in 1938. The company is internationally known as it operates in 28 countries and is best known for its high school SAT reviews and BAR reviews for law students and other legal professionals looking to pass the licensure exams in their state or country.

While you may not earn as much from every success enrollment using your referral link, many consider KAPLAN as the most economical option as the platform’s charges are lower when compared to other elearning sites.

Coursera is already popular to university and college students because it has been partnering with numerous educational institutions even before the health crisis brought on by the pandemic. However, some affiliate marketers find Coursera’s marketing deals complicated based on different incentives pertaining to the course enrolled in by a referral.

Some courses are offered free to need-based students and if your referral qualifies, you will receive commission for the cost of the certificate of completion paid for by the student you referred. There are also marketing deals that pay commission based only on the first monthly tuition if the course is to be paid by way of installment payments.